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Est. 1990

Consulting Services

Executive Work From Home
Lantech can assist with the design and implementation of secure, functional, and robust home office solutions, including networking, IT / AV hardware, and ergonomic furniture. These solutions can include redundancies, generator / backup power sources, and physical security solutions.
Custom Software Development
We can build completely customized applications that are web-based or native, and purposely built for your stakeholders and business processes. Our designers and engineers integrate with your team to build something truly useful and relevant for your organization, in order to maximize user buy-in and streamline software adoption.
Special Projects
Our team can help ensure the successful execution of special and sensitive projects throughout your organization. We combine custom software, communication tools, and expertise, with on-site or remote professionals to ensure your sensitive project is completed and issues/progress is constantly available to stakeholders.
Disaster Recovery
We can help build robust and adaptable DR strategies that can ensure business continuity given virtually any scenario. Our consultants can also review your current plans and provide valuable feedback leading to a stronger, more robust strategy.
Our consultants can review your physical systems, software systems, and employee training programs to help implement an enhanced universal security policy. Security is an on-going issue that must be continually and actively addressed.
Our experts can help guide you throughout the creation and implementation of networks both within your organization, and for remote or work-from-home employees.

Professional Services

Relocation Management

Our relocation management services can save you valuable time and resources, all while mitigating business risk and minimizing employee down time. We can help through all aspects of the process: space planning, technology / furniture / vendor selection, move execution, QA/QC, and incident management.
Knowing what assets you have and where they are located is essential to data security and business continuity. We can assist you in building an asset management process with rigid process controls that yields valuable KPI's for all stakeholders in your organization. Our proprietary asset management software covers all aspects of the asset lifecycle including procurement, active management, disposal and forecasting.

Asset Management

Project Management

Our project management services are incredibly diverse, including everything from sourcing network cables to deploying global telecommunications systems. We merge our invaluable experience with cutting-edge technology and processes to ensure successful project completion, regardless of size and scope.

About Us

We were founded in 1990, focusing on networking and enterprise technology solutions. While - technology has changed, our goals and passion for success - have not: to provide our clients with premier service, dedication to the project and reliability of implementation.
Our Clients
Our client portfolio includes some of the most -renowned institutions in the financial services, and education sectors, as well as smaller organizations spanning a multitude of industries. Regardless of size, our solutions are built specifically for the security, technology, and budgetary needs of each individual client.
A Global Presence
Our commitment to successfully completing projects for our clients has brought us around the world. We have completed projects not only in The Americas, but also Europe and Asia. This global experience provides invaluable expertise and abilities that are required for today’s global economy.

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